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        Several Measures for Supporting the Development of New Energy Vehicles Promulgated in Guangxi


        News from NewEnergy Vehicle Network [xnyauto]: On September 19, 2018,Several Measures for Supporting the Development New Energy Vehicleswere promulgated in Guangxi, with supporting measures made in the process ofresearch, development and production, the construction of charging facility andthe operation process, which, in turn, support the industrial development ofnew energy vehicles in an overall manner.

        The original document is as follows:

        Several Measuresfor Supporting the Development of New Energy Vehicles

        The followingmeasures are worked out for the purpose of further boosting the industrialdevelopment in Guangxi, promoting the adjustment, transformation and upgradingof the industrial structures of vehicles, building domestic leading new energy vehicleproduction bases in technology and scale, speeding up the promotion andapplication of new energy vehicles, establishing the power battery recycling systemsfor new energy vehicles and pushing forward the new leap of the vehicleindustry in Guangxi.

        I. Process ofresearch, development and production

        (I) It is requiredto support industrial structure adjustment to and upgrading of new energyvehicles focusing on the support to the research, development and manufacture ofthe pure power driven cars at the wheelbase of more than 2.8 meters and thevehicle length of 4.8 meters by SGMW Co,, Ltd and other enterprises as well aspurely electric sports vehicles and multifunction passenger vehicles (MPV)developed on this platform.

        (II) The financialauthority of the Autonomous Region shall offer proper awards to the enterprisesmanufacturing new type of new energy vehicles by the adjustment to divisionexpenditure structures and overall budget arrangement.

        (III) If the newvehicle models researched and development by new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises in Guangxi new energy vehicles have enteredthe Catalog of Recommended Vehicle ModelsPromoted and Applied for New Energy Vehicles, for each modelof vehicles, the financial authority of the Autonomous Region will offerone-off reward at RMB500000.

        (IV) For the enterprises recognized by thestate and the Autonomous Region對and the research anddevelopment organizations engaged in the research and development of new energyvehicles, the standards for supporting by financial funds at different levelsshall be higher by 50% on the original basis.

        II. Process ofconstruction and operation of charging facility

        (I) The chargingfacility operation enterprise will collect electric charges and chargingservice fees from users of new energy vehicles. Governmentguided prices are implemented for new energy vehicle charging service fees. It is required to directly report to the grid operation enterprises forthe power connection of operating centralized charging facilities and toexecute the prices of electricity consumed by big industry; prices ofelectricity of non-operating decentralized charging piles of residentialhousing and residential communities shall be charged on the basis of the listsof classification at the places where they are located; prices of electricityfor the charging facilities set for the Party and government offices,enterprises, institutions and social public parking lots in the AutonomousRegion shall be based on general industrial and commercial entities and otherpower consumption entities. Costs of auxiliary grid transformationof new energyvehicles charging facilities shall be brought into the prices of transmission anddistribution by grid enterprises.

        (II) For the charging facilities for newenergy buses and tax services, it is required to carry out auxiliaryconstruction in the light of the existing bus stations and bus stops. For theconstruction charging facilities such as the existing parking lots (places), theexisting land use rights and purposes will remain unchanged. When the urbanplanning has been met, enterprises may take advantage of the originalconstruction land for the construction of new energy vehicles charging facilities, and communication and transportation enterprises maytake advantage of their own road transport stations and sites for theconstruction of charging facilities, with related land use procedures subjectto agreements. The government shall provide independent newly constructedcharging station land, with the purposes to be managed on the basis of urbanplanning. Land shall be granted by tender, auction and listing or land shall besupplied by leasing, with the requirements for construction that can be listedin land supply conditions. The land used for bus charging and exchangingstations may be supplied by allocation.

        III. Process of procurement and application

        (I) For the purchaseof new energy vehicle products by consumers in the period from 2018 to 2020, if the consumers purchase new energy vehicles products, the financialauthority of the Autonomous Region shall offer allowances at one half of 40% ofthe national standard, namely, 20% of the national standard, with the way ofallowance to be offered to the manufacturers of new energy vehicles. The newenergy vehicle manufacturers shall sell the new energy vehicles to consumers atthe prices after the deduction of the allowances. The allowancefunds from the financial authority of the Autonomous Region shall be paid inthe next year after settlement.

        (II) New energyvehicle manufacturers will be encouraged to attend exhibitions organizedinternationally, nationally and by the Autonomous Region. The enterprisesinvolved in exhibitions will be offered venue leasing fee allowances notexceeding 70&; for the new energy vehicle manufacturers of Guangxiadvertising their products in central primary media, allowancesshall be offered at 5% of their advertising costs. The annual allowance foreach enterprise may not exceed RMB5 million.

        (III) For the newenergy vehicles registered in Guangxi, if they are parkedat public parking lots built with government capital investment or usingstate-owned resources and parked on both sides of municipal road, parking feeswill be reduced by one half without exception. The pure power driven urbandelivery vehicles will not be restrained by urban driving.

        (IV) The scale of theapplication of public areas will be expanded. New energyvehicles are all used as increased and updated passenger vehicles in nationallevel scenic spots and tourist scenic resorts at National 4A or above. WhenParty and government offices, enterprises, institutions, public organizationsand environmental hygiene, logistics, postal service and airport commutingfields of the Autonomous Region increase and update vehicles, the proportion ofnew energy vehicles shall be increased year by year.

        (V) When the Partyand government offices, state-owned enterprises and institutions purchaseofficial vehicles and municipal vehicles, under thecondition of the same quality and price, 1-3 policy function scores will be setfor the vehicle products listed intheList of Recommendation of Industrial Products in Guangdong.

        In the case of any inconsistency of the previous policies with thisdocument,之the regulations of this document shallprevail.                                                                           

        Source: New Energy Vehicle Network

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